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Quantity Time

OK so here it is. My first official blog not about food! I think it’s a good one to start out on too.  Choosing to stay at home versus working.

I have never, ever wanted to work outside the home.  I did for one year after I was married as a substitute teacher/nanny.  I really didn’t care for it. I’d like to use stronger words than that but I am trying not to say the “h” word since my 3 year old has picked up on it!

I love that my time is my own and I can choose how I spend it! Yes I have a lot of work to do like dishes, laundry, menu planning, etc.  But if I want to put it off for an hour while I read a book I can with no guilt. The vacuuming will still be there tomorrow.  I love that I can plop down and play dolls with my daughter or quilt or plant flowers and ignore my house.

I love that I am home to greet my boys when they get home from school.  I loved it that I grew up with a mother that stayed at home and was always there when I got home. I loved that in Junior high when I forgot a book she was there when I called to bring it to me.  Or if I was sick she was there to take care of me or do the housework while I laid in bed and read.  I never doubted that my mother loved me because she was there. She taught me how to take care of a well-run home. She taught me the importance of making meals, sewing clothes, civic duties, and church callings. She didn’t lecture, she lived!

This is quantity time!  I watched her and she taught. I’m sure she was aware of the teaching going on, heavens I was the last of six children.  She had it down pat by the time I came along.  I found this talk in a book that I highly recommend!!! I found it at Deseret Industries(a thrift store) for $2.00.  LDS Women’s Treasury published by Deseret Book, is a collection of talks written by mostly women on being a woman today.  I found a talk by Beppie Harrison called “A Deliberate Choice:Staying At Home.”  It is long but wonderful.  I searched for her talk online and found this one from the 1982 Ensign that says almost the same thing but a little shorter. Please read it. It will inspire you that the little things we do each day as mom’s and women are  not going unnoticed.   Our children are watching us.  They are our most important audience.