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The Thomas Jefferson Way

I’m homeschooling now. I was avoiding writing about it here on my blog because I considered this a food blog. Then as I thought it about it the other day, I changed my mind. Having only a food blog is not very balanced. I do so much more than just cook. (Although that does take up a majority of my day.)  I make art quilts, mother, homeschool, organize, clean, can food, mend clothes, energy work and the list goes on.  This blog is about finding balance. As I desperately try to do that I want to share what I do with all of you!

I follow a philosophy of education called Leadership Education or Thomas Jefferson Education. I am new to this.  I read a book about it almost 2 years ago as I brought my oldest child home from public school.  I found it inspiring but didn’t pursue it more.  Then last October I brought my other 2 children home.  Then I started to panic.  My oldest had a lot of education under his belt since he was in 7th grade. All year I left him to  himself to find his path. Little did I know how well that was working.  I was just so busy with other kids and I knew he was detoxing and I felt the Lord tell me to chill.

So this last few months I’ve read a lot more of the Leadership Ed books and joined a commonwealth.  I am now one of the co-directors and the treasurer. It’s been very busy.  My middle two have been detoxing and they are doing great. I love seeing them being in charge of their education. I love that I don’t have to sit down and require things of them. It’s all about me learning and studying which has reawakened a love of reading and writing I had left behind for years.  I love learning along with my kids. Whatever they are excited about I help them find books or websites about it and we study together.  It’s so great!  I help my children find their mission in life and I see that I am finally finding mine!

I’m so grateful for the balance that homeschooling has brought to my family.  We have our days of imbalance as we adjust to everyone being home all the time but it’s worth it!