Preserving Food

Here is what I canned this year:

Froze 10 dozen cobs of corn. (Bought from a funeral home $2/dozen.)
Raspberry Jam (frozen with sucanat) Bought berries from Stonehenge produce $29/flat
Tomatoes 30 pints & 3 quarts-from my garden
Spaghetti Sauce 7 quarts & 8 pints
Ketchup 6- 1/2 pints(with Roma tomatoes from Bountiful Baskets)
BBQ Sauce-Tony Roma’s recipe- 4 pints- used some of the above ketchup
Pears- 28 quarts- pears from church orchard $.17/lb
Applesauce – 127 quarts divided between 3 friends with Red Delicious & Galas from Church Orchard windfall.
Dried herbs from my garden, pears, fruit leather, grapes

This was a way more than I thought I would do this year. I still plan on canning chili next week and freezing carrots from my garden.

In past years for my records this is what I canned:

6 pints peach salsa
10 doz corn, frozen
tomatoes-24 pints & 4 quarts
Strazberry Jam, frozen
22 quarts Nectarine syrup
45 pints salsa
16 – 1/2 pints zucchini pineapple
7 pints chopped apples

Green beans 20 quarts & 12 pints
Tomatoes 24 pints
Apricot Jam(quickgel recipe) 16 -1/2 pints
Cherry Juice 5 quarts
Corn 9 doz, frozen
Salsa 17 pints & 3 quarts
Peach Syrup 16 quarts
Nectarine Syrup 10 quarts
Pineapple Zucchini 11- 1/2 pints
Chili 20 quarts
Applesauce but didn’t write how much

Raspberry Jam-2 flats($31.50 each)
Blackberry Jam- 1/2 flat
Peaches 60 quarts (1/2 me 1/2 Stacey)
Nectarine Syrup 6 quarts
Apple Butter 10 pints
Corn 5 dozen
Applesauce 17 quarts
Tomatoes 17 assted pints & quarts
Salsa 8 quarts

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