I am a wife and mom of 4 beautiful children. I have always loved to cook. My mom was a professional homemaker and I studied at her feet. She taught me a lot and then I kept on learning as I became a professional homemaker.  My family and I changed to eating all whole foods 4 years ago. The stuff God gave to us in the form he gave it to us.  I did a lot of research and found many great websites that convinced me the way we had been taught by everyone was backward and wrong.  There is more to eating food than just putting it in your mouth.  Food should be nourishing and healing. I thought we would slowly transition. Within 2 weeks we had thrown out anything in a box or processed in my pantry. I make everything I can from scratch.   We eat very little meat especially in summer. I homeschool my kids and we play lots.  I try to fit in my art quilting as I run like a mad woman trying to find balance in my life!

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