Organic Peanut Butter vs. Regular Peanut Butter

Well if you haven’t heard the peanut crop this year was really bad. The peanut farmers have decided to raise the price of peanuts 40% soon. This has put me into a frenzy to stock up on peanut butter.

I went to Costco to buy my favorite organic peanut butter and found out they no longer carry it!!! I was so upset and frustrated. Crazy that I get so upset over peanut butter .  But as I searched for replacement to the Kirkland brand peanut butter I only became more frustrated. I did find the Fred Meyer brand Organic peanut butter but it contained palm oil and sugar just like Jif or Skippy which are not healthy. Fred Meyer also makes a all natural peanut butter but it’s not organic but quite a bit cheaper.  I also found a organic peanut butter with only peanuts and salt from Azure Standard. It’s about $.20/oz compared to the all natural FM brand that is only $.13/oz.

So before I purchased anything I decided to research if organic peanut butter was necessary. Now I buy a lot of organic produce and I really believe it’s usually worth the extra price especially the fruits/veggies on the dirty dozen list. My grocery budget seems to be on the high side though so I am really wanting to cut corners where I can.  So here is what I found.

One source said that non-organic peanuts are rotated with cotton and the cotton is sprayed with pesticides then it seeps into the soil and onto the peanuts the next year. Yuck!

Another source which I can’t seem to find at the moment said to make sure you buy roasted peanuts or roast them yourself to kill the aflatoxins(mold) in them. Never use “make your own” grinders in stores as they can contain bacteria.  My sister has a juicer which she uses to maker her own peanut butter. Alas, I do not.

Another source claimed that organic peanuts have higher nutrients in them than non-organic peanuts.

So what is my decision? I think I will  go for the organic peanut butter and the little extra cost since the approach I take now is eat foods that nourish and heal or don’t eat it at all.


5 thoughts on “Organic Peanut Butter vs. Regular Peanut Butter

  1. I was upset and trying to find a replacement myself. So are you going with azure standard as well? I bet I could use one of my grinders at my house if there a good source for the peanuts???

  2. We’re stocking up on peanut butter, but choices in rural Saskatchewan grocery stores are limited. The prices for organic peanut butter in the specialty health food stores are stratospheric.

    In defense of farmers, it’s not the farmers that set the peanut prices, and most of them will not benefit from the rising prices. The corporations that make the end products, of course, will see that their profits don’t drop. Here’s the skinny right from a Georgia peanut farmer:

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