Cowboy Caviar

There is a local store that sells cowboy caviar. I think it’s a silly name but boy is it yummy!  I refuse to pay $6 for about a pint and it has sugar in it. So I made my own.

Cowboy Caviar

Again these measurements are guesses. I don’t measure, I love to throw in. So if you make this and find I should adjust something, leave me a comment.

1 c black beans (all beans are best cooked from dry rather than canned but if that’s all you have it still works.)

1 c corn (frozen or fresh)

1 c Black eyed peas

1 c Pinto Beans

1/2  medium onion chopped

2-3 T fresh cilantro

1 red or green bell pepper chopped small

1-2 avacadoes chopped small


Mix:  1/4 c olive oil

3 T honey

3 T Apple Cider Vinegar

Garlic salt & pepper

Eat this with homemade tortilla chips or jicama wedges! Nice added to taco salad too.


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