Beans, Beans, Beans

I have a healthy relationships with beans. What does that mean? Well I never liked beans growing up. Whenever my mom attempted to put beans in our taco meat I would complain loudly. As a grown up I’ve learned how healthy they were and now I am finding ways to enjoy them. As we are eating less meat I am trying to find even more ways to use beans. The interesting thing I ‘ve learned about canned beans is that they aren’t great. The aluminum from the can seaps into the beans. And we all know that aluminum is not healthy for us. I’ve even become a stinkier person lately because I don’t want it near me(stopped using antipersperant.) I went shopping to buy ingredients for chili today.  I have to serve it to 70 ladies at church and I didn’t feel well enough to buy dry beans yesterday and soak them and cook them today, so I bought canned beans.

Let me tell you the ingredients in the canned Small Red Beans:
Calcium Chloride(firming agent)
Ok… so those don’t look so bad, but when I looked on the kidney beans there were additional ingredients one of which was sugar. Why?
Why do we need to sweeten beans?
So make sure you are reading your labels. Not all beans nor brands are created equal. And if you can skip the can and cook dry beans. It’s very easy!

How to cook dry beans:

Put whatever kind of bean you are in need of into a large bowl. Cover them with water plus 2″. Then let them sit all day or over night. The next day rinse them well, less gas this way. Put them in a crockpot, covered with water plus extra again. Cook them on low all day. Leave out the salt and spices until ready to use or it makes the skins tough. The extras freeze in plastic bags wonderfully.

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