Chocolate! Dare I?

I have quit eating chocolate(for the most part) since January.  I haven’t missed it. Am I strange, sick, mental?  Don’t answer that in the comments. Mostly because I learned about soy lecithin and just didn’t want to put that in my body. Today I found a new blog from Kelly the Kitchen Kop all on chocolate.  Be sure to read the comments on her blog. Even the president of Green & Black leaves a comment.  Basically from what I read is that soy lecithin in chocolate is really used in such small amounts we shouldn’t worry about it as much as chocolate made from GMO products.  GMO is genetically modified for those newbies.  Lee recently found a Lindt 85% dark chocolate bar at Walmart.  It didn’t have any soy lecithin in it. But boy was it nasty.  I mean not enough sweet. If I’m going to eat chocolate I want to at least enjoy it.  I’ll bake with it or dip strawberries in it but I won’t eat it plain.  I am excited to try the new Green & Black chocolate bars though. I noticed today as I was browsing without kids in Fred Meyer, a chocolate mint patty that had non GMO soy lecithing in it. That sounds much better to me. Of course if was on sale for $1.50! That’s a litle high for my taste so I didn’t buy it. I’m so cheap.

I recently bought some organic cocoa powder from Azure Standard. I think I will stick with making my own chocolate for now.  I use Heavenly Homemakers chocolate chip recipe.

Just happened to find a coupon for Green & Black chocolate bars. You have to like them on Facebook to get it. But a $1 off is awesome!

3 thoughts on “Chocolate! Dare I?

  1. Did you consider trying raw chocolate? It doesn’t taste 100% like the real deal, but it comes close and is decent enough.

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